Christie is proud to announce that we are a 2023 NASPA Educational Partner.

Christie Campus Health

Partnering with colleges to help meet the mental health need of students, when and where they need it.

Helping students shine brighter

Our singular focus is supporting the mental health and wellbeing of college and university students, removing cultural, financial and other barriers to care so students get the support they need.

The benefits of working with Christie Campus Health

Montserrat’s Counseling Center Director, Elisabeth Reickert, explains why a “one size fits all” platform was not the right fit for their college and why Christie Campus Health’s customized approach hit the mark. Interested in learning how we can help expand your school’s mental health offerings? Connect with the Christie Team.

Visit our testimonials page to see what college students are saying about Christie’s program and how our services are helping to better their mental health and wellness.

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Our Solution

Our program offers integrated and customizable components that provide a student mental health safety net, as well as a broad range of options for students with varying mental health needs. Together we can improve support for students.

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Benefits for Colleges & Universities

  • Better manage surging mental health demand and administrative burden
  • Provide students the right treatment at the right time
  • Reduce barriers to appropriate mental health care
  • Enhance student success and wellbeing

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"Improving mental health can increase student retention, which translates to higher tuition revenue and higher lifetime productivity and earnings for the students."

“The Economic Case for Mental Health Services in Higher Education”

- Healthy Minds Network

Who We Are

Christie Campus Health is an innovative mental health and wellness services company. Built on our strong relationships with leaders in student health and higher education, we've worked with a seasoned team of experts to develop the most comprehensive student mental health program on the market.

With more than 30 years of experience in college student health, we're committed to partnering with the colleges we serve to successfully implement our program and ensure its long-term success.

Our non-profit affiliate, the Mary Christie Institute, is a thought leadership organization dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of college students.

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Supporting College Students During Spring Break

For some college students, years have passed since spring break took its recognizable form—one that can be marked by partying and binge drinking, at least according to modern media. In March 2020, when the onset of the pandemic first dispersed students from their campuses, the sun-soaked, friend-filled vacations many had arranged morphed into unnerving spells of isolation. Week-long plans to see the world turned to quarantine, without an end date in sight.

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The Impact of the Student Mental Health Crisis on Faculty

Amidst stalled contract negotiations, the faculty at the University of Illinois Chicago went on strike in part to demand the expansion of campus mental health services—but not for themselves. They hoped to outsource care for their students, an overwhelming number of whom have been struggling emotionally and turning to their instructors for help. “Right now, UIC faculty are winging it… and I’m not trained on how I should be supporting these students. I didn’t get a degree in that,” UIC senior lecturer and union official Charitianne Williams told NPR Illinois. “I have a degree in English.”

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College Athlete Mental Health

It’s a common prescription for complaints of everyday stress: “Get some exercise. You’ll feel better.” Time and again, research has shown that regular physical activity can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Yet the widespread association of physical and emotional fitness may also help propagate a dangerous assumption that elite athletes are somehow untouched by serious mental health challenges.

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