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A student behavioral health and wellness services company

A Critical Need:

The Campus Behavioral Health Crisis

Campuses are struggling to meet the rising demand for mental health services. As a result, students are facing long counseling appointment wait times and limited treatment options, and high-risk students are falling through the cracks.

We can tackle the growing needs of your campus together.

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CONNECT@College's four integrated components: Wellness Hub, 24/7 Support Line, Treatment Options, and Navigators

Our Solution

CONNECT@College offers four integrated components that provide a student behavioral health safety net, as well as a broad range of options for students with varying behavioral health needs. With CONNECT@College, we can work together to improve support for students.

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Benefits for Colleges

With the CONNECT@College solution, colleges can:

  • Better manage surging behavioral health demand and administrative burden
  • Provide students the right treatment at the right time
  • Reduce barriers to appropriate behavioral health care
  • Enhance student success and wellbeing

Explore the Advantages

"Improving mental health can increase student retention, which translates to higher tuition revenue and higher lifetime productivity and earnings for the students."

“The Economic Case for Mental Health Services in Higher Education”

- Healthy Minds Network

Who We Are

Christie Campus Health is an innovative behavioral health and wellness services company. Built on our strong relationships with leaders in student health and higher education, we've worked with a seasoned team of experts to develop the most comprehensive student behavioral health program on the market.

With more than 30 years of experience in college student health, we're committed to working with the colleges we serve to implement CONNECT@College and ensure its long-term success.

Our non-profit affiliate, the Mary Christie Foundation, is a thought leadership organization dedicated to improving the behavioral health and wellbeing of college students.

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More Young Adults Considering Suicide During Coronavirus Pandemic

A recent study published by the CDC highlights some of the pandemic’s repercussions on various components of mental health, including increased thoughts of suicide and increased rates of anxiety and substance abuse.

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JED Foundation offers recommendations for supporting student mental health during the pandemic

"Support the development of life skills; promote social connectedness; identify students at risk; increase student help-seeking behavior." Christie Campus Health’s CONNECT@College platform addresses all four of these recommendations.

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Two College Health Practitioners Talk About Physical and Mental Health as School Year Begins

The Mary Christie Foundation produced a podcast episode for their Quadcast featuring two experts on  college student health: family practitioner Jill Grimes and psychiatrist Marcia Morris.

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