Benefits for Colleges


The CONNECT@College solution provides a number of benefits to students, staff, and administrators.  Along with behavioral and mental health support for students and logistical support for campus healthcare providers, the university itself benefits from CONNECT@College.

  • Student Success

    Research suggests a strong correlation between positive mental health and academic performance and retention.

  • Accountability and Information

    CONNECT@College creates a holistic system with a focus on tracking student interactions and outcomes. As data is collected on behalf of your school, CONNECT will create a feedback loop that will enable us to continuously measure and improve the process.

  • Risk Reduction and Reputation

    By proactively investing in 24/7 support, a large network of licensed mental health providers, and expanded case management services, your school can reduce the risks and consequences that may result from overwhelmed support systems. Having your school on the forefront of a nationwide effort to improve student mental health can be a major differentiator for students and parents.

  • Campus Savings

    Through CONNECT@College, you can expect to improve your support for student emotional and mental health while decreasing the growth of mental health related expenditures.