Wellbeing Bundle

All college students need support, but not all of them need counseling.

That’s why we created the Wellbeing Bundle. Because just like with physical health, mental health is not one size fits all. This innovative package was designed so that you can reach more students and offer them proven, evidence-based resources—all at their fingertips, available 24/7/365.

The Wellbeing Bundle offers students self-directed support by combining three online solutions. It provides an easy way to implement a solution that assists with expanding your wellness offerings on campus so that students have more options to select the support that’s right for them.

The Wellbeing Bundle provides students with with SilverCloud’s iCBT program, Headspace, and a customized Wellness Hub:


This unique solution is the bridge to helping your students thrive. The Wellbeing Bundle provides students with more options and broader access to support and that can make a real difference for their health.


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