Students Say Christie Campus Health Services Help Them Remain Enrolled in School in Independent Survey of College Mental Health Services

August 14, 2023

Students Say Christie Campus Health Services Help Them Remain Enrolled in School in Independent Survey of College Mental Health Services

A new independent survey of more than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students at nearly 60 institutions conducted by the Office of Planning and Evaluation at the University of Maryland School of Public Health (UMDSPH) reveals that 84% of students who received services say Christie Campus Health’s services helped them remain enrolled in school. The survey also demonstrates consistently high approval of the 24/7 Clinical Support Line, with an almost 90% satisfaction rate of the service. 

The survey, which was conducted in the spring of 2023, was commissioned by Christie Campus Health as part of its ongoing effort to measure the impact of and satisfaction with the mental health and well-being services it provides to colleges and universities. More than 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students at 59 institutions were surveyed, representing large and small public, private, research, HBCU, religious-affiliated, and military-affiliated institutions.

“It is crucial for companies that provide student mental health services to assess student perspectives on their offerings,” says Dr. Amelia Arria, Senior Advisor to Christie Campus Health and the Director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

“We are proud to continuously receive strong satisfaction ratings. It is important to us that students confirm that our services are helpful to them and can play a role in improving their mental health and well-being,” says Kaitlin Gallo, Ph.D., Christie Campus Health’s Chief Clinical Officer. 

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • 96% of students report satisfaction with the psychiatric prescribing services provided through Christie’s virtual psychiatric prescribing clinics. Many students say that Christie’s psychiatric prescribing clinic offers access to medication and support that they would not have otherwise been able to access.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation tools, offered through an exclusive partnership with Headspace, continue to have high adoption rates and a very strong satisfaction rate of 97% among students. Students say they were sleeping better, feeling calmer, and more focused because of the app.
  • 90% find the Navigator program (remote care coordinators) helpful in seeking and accessing needed mental health services and other social support such as housing, food, or other academic support services.
  • 92% of students report they were satisfied with the mental health provider from Christie’s counseling network who supported them.

Christie Campus Health’s complete continuum of care meets students wherever they are on their mental health journey, whether they are interested in self-assessments and self-guided apps or speaking to a clinician immediately. The services appeal to students who may be reluctant to access existing on-campus counseling services due to concerns about stigma, or who are seeking additional counselor diversity. Christie Campus Health’s offerings are free to all students, increasing access for underserved or lower income students, a critical benefit given growing concerns about income and health inequities.

About Christie Campus Health

Christie Campus Health is dedicated to improving the mental health and well-being of college students by helping colleges and universities expand the way they reach and support students. Christie’s services include a 24/7 Clinical Support Line, face-to-face and virtual counseling visits, clinically validated self-care resources, and student care Navigators. Partnering with colleges to deliver innovative, equitable and high-quality mental health services to students, Christie currently offers our comprehensive mental health platform to over 100 colleges and universities, supporting over 750,000 students nationally and internationally.

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