CONNECT@College Now Operating at Northeastern University

CONNECT@College Now Operating at Northeastern University

Christie Campus Health, a student behavioral health services and technology company, announced that its student behavioral health platform has been launched at Northeastern University. Find@Northeastern enhances mental health support on a 24/7/365 basis to over 30,000 enrolled students across all of the university’s domestic and global campuses.  

“Our platform helps colleges and universities better support their students’ behavioral health with greater access to a larger array of student-centered treatments and services,” said Robert Meenan, MD, President of Christie Campus Health. “Northeastern University’s decision to offer this platform reflects its innovation and vision as well as its deep commitment to the overall success of its students.”

Find@Northeastern is the customized name of Christie Campus Health’s branded product, CONNECT@College.  Designed by clinicians and public health experts, the platform includes online tools and educational materials developed for college students; self-guided Internet-based cognitive behavioral training (ICBT); navigators who help students connect to appropriate supports; access to a network of providers, including telehealth options; and a 24/7/365 clinician-staffed support line. 

“Our service and technology platform augments existing counseling center services, expanding capacity to meet the unprecedented rise in demand for mental health services on campuses across the country,” said Dr. Kaitlin Gallo, Chief Clinical Officer, Christie Campus Health.  “We are so excited to be working with the counselors at Northeastern who are eager to help students in distress by giving them more doorways in.”

According to recent research the American Psychological Association, more than one-third of first-year university students report symptoms consistent with a diagnosable mental health disorder. College counseling centers nationwide are being overwhelmed by this demand. 

While college enrollment in the U.S. increased by just five percent over five years, the number of students seeking behavioral health services has risen by 29.6 percent, or six times enrollment, according to a Center for Collegiate Mental Health 2016 report. 

Christie Campus Health’s product works with colleges and universities to provide a comprehensive array of supports and services to students anywhere along the behavioral health continuum, from students struggling with sleep or stress to those who come to campus with an acknowledged mental health disorder.

In addition to responding to students seeking help, the product helps colleges and universities proactively reach students who need help but are not seeking it.  By expanding student options to include online tools, self-guided internet-based cognitive behavioral training, and telehealth, the product will make it easier and less stigmatizing for students to access care.

Christie Campus Health’s full offering includes the following but can be customized to include only the services desired by each school:


The Wellness Hub and mobile app providing a digital platform of evidence-based education, online tools and apps, and access to 24/7 clinical support for students. The hub is an easily-accessed and well-communicated online resource. It is used to support the behavioral health and wellness of all students on campus. The educational content includes modules and videos developed by Massachusetts General Hospital’s Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

24/7 Support Line: provides instant access to clinical risk assessment and support. Students, who are encouraged to “call CONNECT,” will receive a risk assessment upon contacting the Support Line so that they may receive emergency services if necessary. Otherwise, students will be seen via a triage appointment within 24 hours of contacting the Support Line. A university’s existing emergency response protocols will inform the Support Line procedures.

Treatment Options: expand capacity by providing additional treatment choices for students including appointments in the community and telehealth. These serve as overflow options for students who need short-term counseling when the counseling center is full, additional preferences for students who do not want or cannot access in-person counseling, and expanded options for students requiring longer-term treatment who are better served by off-campus clinicians.

Navigators: help students access and resolve barriers to treatment. Personal, off-site guides, our navigators provide a consistent point of contact for students requiring care management. They are recommended for those who come to campus with an acknowledged condition. Navigators also provide support for ICare, a self-guided Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Training (ICBT) that is included in the platform and was developed specifically for college students by researchers associated with the World Health Organization.


Evolving from a national student health insurance business with a strong thought
leadership component, Christie Campus Health (CCH) is solely focused on partnering with colleges and universities to deliver efficient, high-quality emotional and behavioral health services to students. Its management team has decades of experience in student health, public health, clinical practice, and higher education. Its solution was developed by behavioral health experts and is based on a unique understanding of the culture and stakeholders within higher education.

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