Christie Campus Health Proudly Supports Multiple Thought Leadership Efforts in Student Mental Health

Christie Campus Health Proudly Supports  Multiple Thought Leadership Efforts in Student Mental Health

Robert F. Meenan, MD, MPH, MBA
President, Christie Campus Health

Christie Campus Health has a substantial commitment to thought leadership in student mental health. Our commitment to the thoughtful examination of student health issues is part of our DNA, passed along by our founder, Fred Chicos, through his work with student health focused organizations.

In additional to his substantial personal philanthropy, Fred has always insisted that every organization he oversees makes a meaningful commitment to expanding the knowledge base in student health. When he ran The Chickering Group, a large student health insurance brokerage, it published a highly regarded journal entitled Spectrum that contained articles on pertinent student health topics by prominent figures in the field.

Christie Campus Health (CCH) supports thought leadership in student mental health in a number of ways:

  • CCH Blog – We regularly post pieces on our blog that are designed to increase recognition and understanding of important topics in student mental health. These include pieces on college mental health care as an institutional investmentcollege athlete mental health, and helping college students navigate the mental health system.
  • CCH Experts – CCH has assembled a group of internal and external experts who contribute to our thought leadership efforts and are available to advise front line staff. The group includes topic experts and former student health directors.
  • Presentations – CCH makes educational presentations to national and local groups. In recent months we have presented a workshop on the future of student mental health to NASPA members and to the member schools of AICURI.  In May we will be offering a national webinar on the unique challenges and opportunities in student mental health when campuses re-open in the fall.
  • Mary Christie Institute - CCH is the primary supporter of the Mary Christie Institute (MCI), a non-profit that is well known for its thought leadership efforts in young adult health in general and college student mental health in particular. Previously known as the Mary Christie Foundation, the MCI publishes the Mary Christie Quarterly, a publication containing news, information, and commentary on the issues related to student health and higher education policy. It also produces the weekly McFeed news aggregator. You can register to receive both the MCQ and the MCFeed for free at their respective web sites.

The MCI produces The Quadcast, a regular podcast featuring interviews with leading figures on topics related to student health and well-being. The 17th edition features Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick. The Institute also supports occasional surveys, the most recent of which examines how faculty understand student mental health issues and view their role in addressing them.  The survey’s key findings are that 87% of faculty say that student mental health has worsened; 80% have dealt with at least one student regarding a mental health issue; and a majority think that their schools should do more to address student mental health.

  • Frontlines: Our newest effort in thought leadership is Frontlines, a CCH-supported feature that will appear in every forthcoming edition of the Mary Christie Quarterly. The goal of Frontlines is to capture and disseminate the views and experiences of front-line college health leaders who work tirelessly to create a healthy and safe environment for their student communities. The series is coordinated by Gerri Taylor, a Senior Advisor at CCH, who is the former Director of Student Health at Bentley University and a prominent leader in the American College Health Association. The inaugural Frontlines piece focuses on Debbie Beck, MPA, Ed.D., FACHA, who is the Chief Health Officer and Director of Health and Well-Being at the University of South Carolina.

The founder and staff of Christie Campus Health hope our thought leadership efforts will lead to better understanding and promote positive change.  Student mental health has worsened considerably due to the pandemic and that threatens academic advancement and graduation rates. Our thought leadership efforts and our CONNECT@College service offerings are designed to help colleges and their students successfully meet that threat.


About Christie Campus Health

At Christie Campus Health, we are dedicated to improving the behavioral health and wellbeing of college students by helping colleges and universities expand the way they reach and support students in need.  Our solution, CONNECT@College, offers a number of integrated components that provide a broad range of self-care and professional treatment options for students with varying behavioral health needs.

About Dr. Robert Meenan

Dr. Meenan served as Dean at Boston University School of Public Health from 1992 to 2014, and retired from BU in 2016 as Professor of Health Policy and Management in the School of Public Health and Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine. He holds a BA in government from Harvard College, an MD from Boston University School of Medicine, an MPH in Health Administration and Planning from the University of California Berkeley, and an MBA in Health Care Administration from Boston University School of Management.

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