Christie Campus Health Launches Student Mental Health Platform At Six Additional Colleges Throughout The Country

Christie Campus Health Launches Student Mental Health Platform At Six Additional Colleges Throughout The Country

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christie Campus Health has partnered with six new schools to launch customized, mental health platforms that support student wellbeing.

"Colleges and universities, already concerned about the rising demand for student mental health services, are preparing for the increase in student anxiety and depression brought on by the events of 2020," said Kate Begley, CEO of Christie Campus Health.  "Institutions are looking to augment their mental health services with comprehensive solutions like ours that can support students at any time and from anywhere in the world."

The program, called "CONNECT@College," is re-branded to each school and provides an  integrated mental health platform that wraps around the services currently offered by college counseling centers, to seamlessly provide additional levels of mental health support options.  The company has recently added Coping with COVID workshops to its platform.

CONNECT's full offering includes:

  • A 24/7/365 support line staffed exclusively by licensed mental health counselors that offers students in-the-moment support and linkages to next steps, regardless of time of day or a student's location.
  • Telehealth and in-person treatment sessions at no cost to the student and delivered both domestically and internationally through a broad network of providers.
  • Personal Student Navigators that assist students and the counseling center with referral coordination and navigating the complexities of the healthcare system.
  • Access to a self-directed online cognitive behavioral training program designed exclusively for the student population.
  • A Wellness Information Hub and App that provides educational content on a range of mental health and substance use issues.
  • Psychiatric prescribing capabilities.

New to the market, Christie Campus Health's program has been operating for over a year as "FIND@Northeastern" at Northeastern University in Boston.  Additional schools signed on in the last seven months include: Wentworth Institute of Technology; Merrimack College, Emmanuel College; New England College of Optometry; Monmouth University; and Converse College.

About Christie Campus Health

Based in Lexington, Massachusetts, the management of Christie Campus Health (CCH) has decades of experience in college student health and is solely focused on partnering with colleges and universities to deliver efficient, high-quality mental health services to students.  Its CONNECT@College platform was created by clinicians and student health experts.

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