Mary Christie Institute

A Think Tank that Helps Young People Thrive

Christie Campus Health is the founding sponsor of the Mary Christie Institute (MCI), a thought leadership organization dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of college students. Through convening, research, journalism and advocacy, The Mary Christie Institute has become the inter-institutional epicenter for new ideas and initiatives in college-age mental health.

With a mission of helping young people thrive, the MCI examines the issues of teens and young adults’ health and wellbeing and brings them to the attention of decision-makers and policy-makers on campuses and in communities throughout the country. MCI’s Board of Directors, Staff and Presidents’ Council are a diverse group of national leaders and experts in higher education and behavioral health.

MCI’s Thought Leadership includes:

  • The Mary Christie Quarterly – Go-to forum for higher education leadership/includes interviews from college and university presidents
  • The Quad Cast – Podcast series featuring experts and administrators in college student mental health and wellbeing
  • The McFeed – Weekly news aggregator and publishing platform sent out to policymakers and administrators throughout the country
  • Survey Research – Conducts survey research reports on a range of issues related to student mental health and wellbeing and is distributed to higher education leaders
  • National Forums – Hosts national forums, bringing together hundreds of thought leaders throughout the country, including college presidents, provosts, student affairs deans and more

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